Lake Oswego seasonal porch

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Lake Oswego seasonal porch

The very perfect seasonal decor – classy and welcoming on this Lake Oswego home for sale.

Leaving your home in show ready condition can be a challenge for some sellers, but makes all the world of difference to a buyer looking at it for the first time. I had the pleasure of showing one of our listings this morning and I was so very impressed with our client’s abilities that I had to share.  This is the way to prepare your home for a showing.

Here are 25 more home seller tips to remember:

  1. The warm and fuzzies are important. Little touches here and there.
  2. Clean, clean , clean – surfaces, floors, windows
  3. Smell check – use air fresheners because usually homeowners don’t smell what others do.
  4. Tasteful seasonal decor – not too much
  5. Pet evidence – hide it!  No hair and toys put away in a cute container.  Put them in kitty or doggie daycare if possible.
  6. Surfaces clear, beds made
  7. Toilet lids closed.
  8. No clutter
  9. Yard maintained like it takes no effort
  10. Organize closets because they look. You don’t want to look like you stuffed it all in there last minute.
  11. No food smells – air it out and make sure to use the fan on the stove when cooking so it doesn’t linger
  12. Kids stuff put away nice and neat like a Pottery Barn sales floor
  13. Fix all those little things that have been bugging you over the years
  14. Touch up the front door if needed
  15. Update the hardware if it’s dated
  16. Seriously take a look at your kitchen and bathrooms – these rooms are the big selling points in a home.
  17. Have a Stager come in and assess the property – a lot of times just moving things around can really help the flow of a floor plan.
  18. Garage sale/Goodwill – seriously purge  – it will feel great and get rid of clutter.
  19. Look at the roof – make sure it doesn’t need repairs or replacement
  20. Clean your gutters – it is a sign of a well maintained home.
  21. Change your furnace filter. It will help with dust and when it is time for inspection, the inspector will tell the buyers it has been changed recently which shows that you are diligent in your home maintenance.
  22. Put your pills and valuables away – don’t make it easy for things to walk away – People are basically good but no need to tempt anyone.
  23. Make sure your Realtor is not only internet proficient, but also a complete rock star at getting exposure for your home online.  It is most likely where your buyer will come from.
  24. See good article on top 3 mistakes NOT TO MAKE when listing your home.
  25. Relax and breathe – this too shall pass!

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