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Evergreen in Lake Oswego has it all.evergreen homes lake oswego

Lake Oswego’s Evergreen:  I told people five years ago to buy Evergreen homes for sale. Some listened to this Lake Oswego Realtor’s advice and some didn’t believe property in Evergreen could possibly take off the way First Addition homes did.  We were one of only a few Lake Oswego Realtors saying it was a good investment as far as more accelerated appreciation. Guess what?  Evergreen real estate took off.  It is still taking off so there is time to buy before you are priced out of this amazing Lake Oswego neighborhood with such a convenient proximity to the best amenities in town. There are currently three Evergreen homes for sale in Lake Oswego ranging in price from $789,000 to $1,299,000 for a waterfront home.  (call/text/email if you want to see any of these: 503-853-5506/

Lake Oswego evergreen neighborhoodEvergreen has Lake Oswego Farmers Market, The Windward, Parks, more.

Was it really that hard to believe with the new Wizers development going in and all the other upscale shopping, etc.  right there in the village next to Evergreen homes? The Lake Oswego Farmer’s Market is right there in Millennium Park.  Peet’s Coffee, Sur La Table, the lake… plus Tucci which is my personal favorite restaurant in Lake Oswego.  Lake Oswego’s Evergreen neighborhood, along with Lakewood, and First Addition, are arguably the most walkable parts of town as far as getting into the village.  And that will only increase as The Windward is completed.   The Windward is the area historically known to LO residents as Wizers Block.  It is a development going in which will include luxury Lake Oswego apartments, shops, cafes, etc.  I picture it to be something similar, but on a smaller and more quaint scale to Seattle’s University Village.  Lake Oswego has always been light on restaurants so we are looking forward to seeing the various gathering places that The Windward offers upon completion – slated for early 2018.

Some Homes In Evergreen Enjoy Oswego Lake Access Through The Lakewood Bay Community Clubevergreen real estate

Oswego Lake is a private lake. This has long been a source of controversy, but the fact remains that it is a private lake and only shareholders – those living along the shores in Lake Oswego waterfront homes – and Lake Oswego real estate with deeded rights to the lake through a series of easements.  A portion of the Evergreen neighborhood is within the boundaries of the Lakewood Bay Community Club easement.  This means that some of the Evergreen homes have deeded access to the lake and some do not. The Lakewood Bay Community Club is actually one of the nicer Oswego Lake Easements and the facilities include boating slips, swimming area, entertainment, BBQ, and is a great launch location for your SUP, kayak, or canoe. You will need to join the community club if your Evergreen home is within the boundaries and slips for boats are limited.  There is one other option for storing power boats on the lake should you join the Lakewood Bay Community Club and find yourself on a waiting list for a boat slip.

The Evergreen Neighborhood Association

Evergreen is one of the 21 established and recognized Lake Oswego neighborhoods.  The Evergreen Neighborhood Association is a well organized advocate for Evergreen and you can sign up for neighborhood events and happenings through their email list for residents only. You can access many resources for living in Evergreen and visiting the neighborhood on their site including a great Evergreen map  and also the  Evergreen Neighborhood Comprehensive Plan from the city.

Please let us know if you are interested in seeing Evergreen homes for sale – both on and off the market.  You can not find all listings on Redfin or Zillow because Oregon allows pocket listings and you need to work with one of Lake Oswego Realtors who are on the ground working.  We live here, play here, and love it here.  Our family goes to Lake Oswego Schools and plays on Lake Oswego local sports teams and parks.  We go to the parks and walk the trails.  We are happy to share this community with you.

Please call/text/email if you want to see any of these: 503-853-5506/   – Brian Olsen & Kayla Cooper, Lake Oswego Realtors, Keller Williams Portland Premiere.