Happy New YearHappy New Year! Lake Oswego, from our family to yours, we wish you the very best in 2016! We appreciate your support and trust in us and look forward to the new year!

What are some of the things we look forward to most in 2016?

  • New Lake Oswego homes real estate marketing rolling out soon on current and upcoming listings (it’s going to be a surprise…)
  • Upcoming book about to be published (another shhhhhhh secret)
  • Contributing again to Lake Oswego Schools Foundation (this is never a secret and we do it every year because without our great Lake Oswego schools, we wouldn’t have the foundation of our amazing community)
  • Love the drone appointments and the videos that follow – it never gets old.  Each and every time we line up a drone shoot for a listing it is plain exciting.
  • A few friends moving in town soon and looking forward to finding them LO homes (have an idea about where we might want them to live close by…)
  • The lake:  Oswego Lake!!!!!  Living in Lake Oswego is like living in a resort in the summertime. I say it every year and every year it is equally true.  This is a very special place and each one of you add to that appeal so thank you. I am excited to get back up on skis again and maybe try wake surfing finally this year.  I am excited to see Kyle the Goose flying around and to circle Jantzen Island and hang out and drink wine with my friends on the dock or in the boat.  I love the summertime in LO. Lake Oswego waterfront living is the best!
  • Health and Happiness of my family and yours – wishing us all the best and looking forward to seeing each and every one of you this year.

            “Happy New Year”