Lake Oswego OR

Lake Oswego Hail Storm in Spring -Wow! That was loud!

Just as the cherry blossoms are coming out and the Daphne plants are blooming, a freak hail storm passed through Lake Oswego yesterday and it looked like it had snowed.  In a “balmy” 52 degree day, the rain came, but then the hail pummeled the city. As in all typical Northwest spring days, the sunshine came out as well later on in the day.

Are you looking forward to putting your boat in the water soon?  We are!  Summer can not come fast enough ans Oswego Lake is beckoning!  Let us know if you are interested in moving to Lake Oswego or want to learn more about this Portland suburb.  Today’s weather isn’t typical, and was interesting, but most of the time it is pleasant to live here. In the summer, however, it is like living in a resort.