Lake Oswego waterfront homes
Lake Oswego waterfront homes

One of the beautiful Lake Oswego waterfront homes we listed located on Twin Points Road in Lake Oswego with views of Oswego Lake and Mt Hood.

Thinking About Lake Oswego Waterfront Homes And Life On Oswego Lake?

Lake Oswego Waterfront Homes:  You may wonder why purchasing one of the homes on the lake is so important to experience all of these reasons to live here and more.  The fact of the matter is that Oswego Lake is a private lake. There are three ways to enjoy the lake as a boater: (1) You live on it and are a shareholder (2) You purchase a home that has deeded rights to the lake through one of the Lake Oswego waterfront easements. (3) You are a guest of a shareholder or and easement member.  In addition if you just want to swim and are a resident of Lake Oswego, there is a city swim park, but parking is not great. Best bet is to purchase (1) a waterfront home on the lake, canals, or bays, or (2) purchase an easement home (some have rights to more than one easement).

Lake Oswego Waterfront Homes Living is like no other Portland Waterfront Living and here are 37 reasons why you want to get on Oswego Lake this summer:Lake Oswego waterfront homes

  1. Scenic views:  Whether you are interested in scenic views of the surrounding landsacape or Mount Hood, or maybe you just want to view the passerby boat traffic from your backyard deck or waterfront dock, Lake Oswego waterfront homes offer a wide variety of ever changing scenes!
  2. Boat Parade:  Ah, the boat parade.  It begins early with water ski clubs and wakesurfers trying to take in the smooth water early in the morning and then moves towards a large variety of boat traffic – all unique and all very LO.  You can see a wide variety of boat besides just the wakesurfing boats here – a few sailboats, pontoon boats, and beautifully polished classic wooden boats offer a never ending stream of nautical eye candy. [Note:  The size and weight of your boat is regulated by the Lake Corp in an effort to protect Oswego Lake waterfront home properties and also keep the lake clean and well run. Some bigger boats have been grandfathered in so make sure that your boat is allowed to be on the lake.  Certain boats like Malibu Wakesetters do have to have the wedge removed and any wake enhancing devices have to be removed or disabled before being launched into the lake.]
  3. Water Sports:  Wakeboarding,  Wake Surfing,Knee Boarding, Water skiing, Sailing, Kayaking, Canoe paddling, SUPs, Water Bikes, Swimming, rafting, Inner Tubing, and more! There are docks with inflatable trampolines and slides.  This is a water paradise!
  4. People Watching:  From watching the sports enthusiasts to watching the other action on the lake or just seeing Lake Patrol make their sometimes wildly entertaining patrol stops, people watching on the lake never gets old. I particularly like when I see someone paddle by on a stand up paddle board with a case of beer strapped to the back of their SUP.
  5. Sunrises & Sunsets:  Depending on which side of the lake you are on, the lake has beautiful sunrises and sunsets – make sure you decide which you like best so you can choose where on Oswego Lake you would like to live.
  6. Water Therapy:  There is nothing more therapeutic than the soft lapping of the water on your dock or seawall or being able to dip your toes into the lake on a beautiful PDX summer day full of warm sunshine.
  7. Alternative to In City Living:  Lake Oswego is very close to Portland (like next door), and the commute into Downtown Portland is fairly simple.  Living on Oswego Lake offers a great alternative to in city living!

    Half Moon Bay Lake Oswego Waterfront Homes

    Magical Half Moon Bay In Oswego Lake between Lakewood Bay and the Main Lake.

  8. Boat to Dinner:  There are Public Docks in town if you want to take your boat and navigate towards town and head to dinner.  We like to take out boat through Half Moon Bay and puck up a quick bite at Stickman’s or The Lake Theatre, but you can also tie up and walk the small distance to Manzana, Zeppos, and more. There is nothing more entertaining for out of town guest to do this, but we also like to have a quick date night without the kids or even a kids dinner out on the boat.
  9. Half Moon Bay:  I can only best describe the magic of Half Moon Bay to that of navigating in a fantasy boat ride at Disney Land.
  10. Characters:  There are truly all kinds around the lake and it is interesting to talk to them and learn more about their lives in Lake Oswego.  There is a local celebrity who is a goose (I am not kidding here). Kyle the Goose has her own following and is quite famous.  Her human friend races her around the lake alongside his boat and also allows Kyle to cruise in luxury on his boat.  Kyle is a free goose and does this all of her own free will.  She has her own Instagram account if you are curious.
  11. History:  There is lots of history on this lake. The Lake Oswego Preservation Society works tirelessly to make sure we are made aware of just how special this place is!  There is an annual Classic Houses and History Boat Tour which I highly recommend. The information presented along the tour is invaluable as a resident, but even if you don’t live in LO and are just curious or just want to go out on a boat tour of the lake, this is a must do event and supports the good work that the Society is trying to do. Without our history we are nothing!
  12. Community:  There is a strong sense of community on the lake. In the summertime it feels like we are living in a resort and there is nothing quite like it anywhere on earth.  It is a special place.
  13. Fourth Of July:  I can’t begin to explain The Fourth Of July to you.  In Lake Oswego alone, there is a  parade for the whole city and other fun events, then various neighborhoods have celebrations.  Lastly, this is the number one reason you want to be on a boat in the lake.  There is a fireworks barge comparable to the city of Seattle’s Lake Union fireworks display and the show is spectacular! Lake Oswego waterfront homes have a front row seat to the action, but there is also something amazingly special about being on the lake in your boat for the show. It is the highlight of the year for my kids.
  14. Inner Tubing:  I know I already touched on this in the water sports section, but it isn’t really a sport.  It is more like a cruising mechanism for the kids on the lake. It is deeply ingrained in the culture of the lake and on any day you will witness hundreds of loops by various group and  families with their kids in tow on tubes.
    lake oswego boating
  15. Unique Oddities:  Strange things happen here that don’t happen in other parts of Portland.  Many on the lake kayaked out to surround Jantzen Island when there were rumors that Kiss was playing a private benefit concert at the home or Erika and Rick Miller.  How is that for something you don’t bump into every day.
  16. Overall Uniqueness:  As stated many times above, there is nothing quite like living on Lake Oswego – in any season, really. Year round natural beauty and scenery await you form any of the beautiful Lake Oswego waterfront homes!
  17. Nature:  Birds, fish, and more.  Deer on the shores, Lake Oswego is full of nature.  Hawks, Baby Ducklings, Bald Eagles are here!!!  There are also cool resident turtles that hang out on the damn near Lake Corp sunning themselves.
  18. Lifestyle:  A lifestye like non other.  There is Portland waterfront living and then there is Lake Oswego Waterfront Living.
  19. Hot August Nights:  Save the date!  August 6th is this year’s traditional annual Hot August Nights Concert.  This is one of the two events we highly recommend for boating like on the lake.  There is a concert in the main lake right at the entrance to Half Moon Bay and boats come from all over the lake and tie up to enjoy the music.  It’s riot and fabulous people watching. [Mark your calendars: 2016 Hot August Nights: August 6th]
  20. Meyers Leonard:  Like the Trailblazers?  I know for a fact that at least one of them lives on the lake as I type…. not that I am a stalker or anything.
  21. Iconic & Limited Lifestlye:  There are only around 500 of Lake Oswego waterfront homes on the lake, canals, or bays.  High demand here…
  22. Proximity to Downtown Portland while still feeling removed:  Close in to the city, but living in LO has its own perks.
  23. Stickman’s:  Waterfront dining – it’s pub food, but a tradition on the lake in recent years. It’s a lot of fun to sit and watch the boat parade go by.
  24. Lake Theatre Cafe:  More upscale than Stickman’s and right on the water, too, I love their gourmet pizza and salads.
  25. Public Docks: Great gated public docks are only for use of easement members and shareholders of Oswego Lake. Your annual dues cover the costs associated to use them so there is no additional docking fees.
  26. Booze Cruise:  Not your typical college days type, but the more classy kind? Break out the wine – white if you prefer to keep your boat interior nice.  Lake Oswego waterfront living always includes at least one weekly after dinner evening in the boat with wine and friends.
  27. The Fig Tree:  There is a mythical fig tree in the middle of the lake.
  28. Excitement:  There is always something going on around Lake Oswego plus it is exciting and an exciting way to live!
  29. Finally Write Your Novel (famous authors)
  30. Warm Water:  You will not believe how warm the lake is when you swim in it.  You will forget that you are in the Pacific Northwest!
  31. Fall In Love: Whether it’s for the first time or all over again – with nature and people.  It’s a romantic lifestyle – why not use that to your advantage
  32. Sound Real Estate Investment:  Lake Oswego Waterfront Homes hold their value and have consistently gone up in value.  There is a limited supply and a high demand.  It’s a good place to just park your investment, but also a lucrative option if you want to remodel waterfront homes (Brian and I have a few good ideas for Lake Oswego waterfront redevelopment if you are curious, please reach out to us on those).
  33. Early Morning Ski Groups:  Neighbors and friends gather on regular days to go loop the lake with favorite activity!  You can find someone who enjoys your sport and join in!  Lake Oswego waterfront homes and easement homes offer an easy way to take advantage of joining in!
  34. We have an island! With a bridge!  Remember I mentioned the Kiss concert above?  That was on this island.  Jantzen Island is a historical estate and has exactly one house on it with a bridge to get there. You can boat around it and under the bridge and it makes for a nice cruise with your friends.
  35. Farmer’s Market:  Just like boating to the village for Manzana or other events, you can also boat in for the Farmer’s Market which is among the best we have seen.
  36. Fishing:  Not for me, but I have seen it and they look quite entertained!
  37. Canals:  The canals are fun to explore – the creativity that goes into the homes and the landscapes is worth the trip.  Lake Oswego waterfront homes can be found in all shapes and sizes and styles. There is  something out there for everyone and a large price range to find them in going all the way up to super high end luxury estates.

Lake Oswego waterfront living is in demand.  There are some great Lake Oswego waterfront homes available right now.  Please let us know what you are interested in looking at and we are happy to show you some of our favorites – both on and off the market.

You can also reach Lake Oswego Realtor Brian Olsen:  call/text 503-853-5506