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From Lake Corp Newsletter – Oswego Lake draw down begins November 1st.Lake Oswego homes

They say by November 10th it should be down eight feet! They will continue lowering it at that point until it is ten feet down so that repairs and construction can be completed on docks, etc.  They will hold it as close to that ten foot mark as possible and then beginning January 2nd will allow the lake to refill.  This should take a couple months according to the Lake Corp.

Maybe it’s time for me to jump in for those Chanel sunglasses I lost off my kayak…..nope… it’s still over 25 feet further down according to my depth finder.

Here is the Lake Corp’s official statement about Oswego Lake’s Draw down:

Lake Draw down Begins November First 

It’s time to start planning for the upcoming draw down. The water level should be down about eight feet by November 10th and we will continue lowering the lake until it is down about ten feet. We will hold it as close as we can to that mark until January 2nd. At that point we will allow the lake to refill mainly from the watershed over about a two month period.

So what is important to begin planning although it is still beautiful out there is launch appointments to get your boat out. Make an appointment now for your pull out with the Lake Corp – they will have extra staff on hand and appointments are every fifteen minutes…

The Lake Corp serves almost 700 Oswego lakefront homes and 4500 nearby Lake Oswego homes with deeded easements to the lake. Please let us know if you are interested in more information.