Very exciting time for Lake Oswego Waterfront Living here on Oswego Lake.Lake Oswego Corporation

Happy New Year! We are watching new marina being built along with boathouse buildings for Lake Patrol and other lake maintenance watercraft. This all should help with day to day activities provided by Lake Corporation. The office provides boat launch services and protects our lake from misuse. The crew inspects paperwork and checks for tags on boats so only clean boats enter the lake. The boat ramp should still be available for use after lake level is back to normal. Boat owners will be able to fill boat tanks with fuel while construction of buildings is completed. The updated marina buildings will be outstanding. Now all we need is rain to help fill the lake back up. The dam was shut on December 1st 2017 allowing Lakewood Bay and Oswego Lake to fill up. Lake Corporation reports back in 2007 was when enough rainfall occurred to top off Oswego Lake after drawdown. For water quality purposes they prefer natural rainfall without much help from the Tualatin River. Back then that was about 16 inches of rainfall. Bring it !

Curious about the project at Lake Corp? There is picture of boathouse building renderings by architect on Lake Corporations web site at

Upcoming Events are also shared on the website and some highlights are 4th of July Boat Parade, 4th of July Fireworks and also the band Hit Machine will be back performing on the lake for Hot August Nights. All this begins to warm my Winter Mood and I’m excited for another year of living on the lake.

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