Lake Oswego waterfront homes

lake oswego waterfront homesHeard the Lake Oswego real estate news on the street? 

Lake Oswego real estate inventory is low.  I have been taking to trying to advertise in media including Facebook and write letters to homeowners to see if they would be willing to consider selling their homes. I have a list of buyers with specific needs. There are not available Lake Oswego homes for sale which meet their needs.  They aren’t even that picky.  There just are not homes available.

Here is the list of needs we currently have for ready, willing, and able Lake Oswego buyers:

1.  Oswego Lake waterfront with space for a boat – can be any school and can be canal, bay, or lake.  They are willing to fix up property – 3 bedrooms at least.  Up to $1,200,000.

2. Oswego Lake View home – home with a view of the lake.  not the canal – just the lake.  It does not have to be waterfront – just would like a really nice view and at least a couple bedrooms.  Up to $1,400,000

3. Oswego Lake Waterfront Home up to 1.5M in Lake Oswego High School boundaries with at least 4 bedrooms

4. Oswego Lake Waterfront Home – preferably Lake Grove Elm, but definitely Lake Oswego High School – up to $1.6M and at least 3 bedrooms.

5.  Lake Oswego Condo with at least 1 bedroom, A/C, and not baseboard heaters.  Updated a plus and garage a plus.  Price negotiable.

6. Villas On Lake Oswego Condo with a boat slip up to $400k.


Benefits of selling off market Lake Oswego homes:  lower commissions, more discreet, simple, convenient, efficient.

Lake Oswego home values are up!lake oswego bayfront waterfront homes

In addition to not having to pay a full commission, you can also get the price you want usually. Selling off market does not mean selling for a discount.  It just means taking advantage of an opportunity. We are Lake Oswego residents and have a personal interest in maintaining home values in our city. We are willing to represent both sides of the transaction for an extreme discount while still giving both sides their own broker to work directly with.  Please call us immediately if you have a home which might work for the above buyers or if you would like the current value of your LO home.

Courtney 503-899-2968 

Brian 503-853-5506

IMG_1227Additional information regarding the above types of Lake Oswego properties:

Lake Oswego Waterfront Homes

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